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Time to Eat another Elephant

This Thursday, 2006-03-02 sees another Eating the Elephant, this
time with Action Directe headlining.
Held at The White Room, Cleveland Street, Kingston upon Hull, £3.50 or £3.00 in advance (see website for details).

For those interested, February's event raised £146 for Marie Curie Cancer. Following, the setlist from the first of the new Eating the Elephant's from 2006-02-02:
HIM – Solitary Man
Vast – My TV and YOU
16 Volt – Happy Pill
David Bowie – The Heart’s Filthy Lesson
Faith No More – A Small Victory
Pop Will Eat It Itself – Home
Public Image Ltd – F.F.F.
Cabaret Voltaire – Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself?)
Alien Sex Fiend – Sample My Sausage
Bauhaus – Spirit
Killing Joke – Age Of Greed
Comsat Angels – High Time
Praga Khan – Sayonara Greetings
Warrior Soul – Shock Um Down
Big Black – Kerosene
Rammstein – Moskau
Laibach – Das Spiel Ist Aus
Leather Strip – Suicide Bombers
Birmingham 6 – Who Do You Love?
KMFDM – Godlike
Iris – Hell’s Coming With Me
Screaming Banshee Aircrew – live set (new songs have question marks, because I'm not sure what they're called)
Retrograde Trajectories
The Curse
Lady Kerosene
Clacking Jack?
Uproot Them
Creepy Crawly
Two Step?
Hello Mr Hyde (the Return)
Fishnet Messiah
In Flames?
Nick Cave – Red Right Hand
New Model Army – Love Songs
Chameleons – Don’t Fall
The Cure – A Forest
The Cult – Spiritwalker
Depeche Mode – It’s No Good
Wumpscut – Wreath of Barbs
Seabound – Torn
Covenant – We Stand Alone
Claire Voyant – Love the Giver (Covenant Remix)
VNV Nation – Genesis (C-92 mix)
Grendel – Soilbleed (v.3)
Icon of Coil – Access and Amplify
Assemblage 23 – Let The Wind Erase Me
Cruxshadows – Winterborn
Soft Cell – Bedsitter
Leftfield Lydon – Open Up
Alphaville – Big in Japan
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls
Garbage – Stupid Girl
Blancmange – Living on the Ceiling
Type O Negative – I Don’t Wanna Be Me
Faith No More – Lanf of Sunshine
Rammstein – Ich Will
Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
White Zombie – More Human Than Human
Killng Joke – Eighties
Queens of the Stone Age – Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Buzzcocks – What Do I Get?
Dead Kennedys – Too Drunk Too F*ck
Ian Drury and the Blockheads – Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll
Therapy? – Screamager
Pitchshifter – Everything’s F*cked
L7 – Wargasm
Warren Suicide – Black Planet
PWEI – Everything’s Cool
Sisters of Mercy – Dominion
Lords of the New Church – New Church
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Spellbound
Soundgarden – Spoonman
Curve – Chinese Burn
A-Ha – Lifelines (Apoptygma Berzerk mix)
Placebo – Pure Morning (Les Rhythmes Digitales Mix)
New Order – Crystal (Lee Coombs Remix)
Wolfsheim – Once in a Lifetime
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