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2006-02-08 Systemyk and Planet Ten (plus further tourdates)

From This is 'Ull, at the Ringside on Beverley Road:

Wednesday 8th Feb 8pm FREE
Systemyk - Industrial techno metal from Hull
Planet Ten - Legendary Hull gothic thrash metallers

Unfortunately Sandman Magazine has other ideas:
The Ringside: Systemyk + Planet Ten

White Room: Planet Ten + Systemyk

Fortunately (did anyone else here used to play the fortunately/unfortunately game when they were young?) there's a flyer on the Systemyk website.
Also a local tour:
Weds 08/02/06 Ringside - Hull
(with Planet Ten)

Sat 18/02/06 Whiteroom - Hull
(with Abigail's mercy)

Fri 24/02/06 Haworth Arms - Hull

Mon 06/03/06 Hull University - Hull
(supporting Stone roses tribute)

Tues 07/03/06 Adelphi - Hull

Weds 15/03/06 Whiteroom - Hull

Fri 24/03/06 Cert 18 - York
opening for new alternative night
(with Karn8 and The screaming queens)

Fri 31/03/06 Lincoln Imp - Scunthorpe
(charity gig)

Thurs 06/04/06 White Room - Hull
(with Seasons end)

That last gig is going to be an Eating the Elephant night, in case any of you guessed, and Karn8 will also be playing an EtE in June (reviews here and here).

Personally I've never heard of Planet Ten, so I've done a bit of Googling...

From Weekly Waynestock
15 January 2004 - Planet Ten - "Riffy" Goth Metal including painted faces and stage costumes

12 February 2004 - Planet Ten - Goth Metal

There seems to be an official website, but it only shows a placeholder page.
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