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Since moving to Hull I still haven't been to a local cinema. Initial expectations were dashed as I realised my closest cinema had just closed, but at least there's still an Odeon an arts cinema (in the library) and some other cinema to the north somewhere (which you can probably tell I haven't investigated too thoroughly).
So as not too seem too sad (going to watch a film on my own) who wants to participate in a mass outing? No particularly Gothic films coming up, to the best of my knowledge so we'd have to settle for Constantine at the Odeon or The Invincibles at the arts place. I've seen the latter before and wouldn't mind watching it again (especially as it means I finally got to see what this library screen was like), though I fear we'd have to put up with lots of kids, it being a means of subsidising the more arty films they show by getting masses of people through the door by showing crowd-pleasers.
There would, of course, be a pub visit following, and maybe a meal somewhere at a not-too-expensive place that would have to have decent vegetarian options (suggestions?)

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I know the place, though haven't been in. I seem to recall the AYCE thing is only within set times, but I'll be in the general vicinity tomorrow afternoon - I'll have a closer look then. Also think there is some veg stuff available, but don't remember whether it was an option or a choice (i.e. one thing that's edible or something you can choose from).

they dont do that anymore i dont htink, we tried to get the times the other day and they didnt mention it.

Added to which they aren't serving food at the moment (redoing the kitchens), they had an advert for a chef, plus the cinema is only showing Constantine at the weekends (this weekend coming I'm not going to be in Hull) and don't know what the schedule for next week is going to be anyway.
Think The Incredibles or whatever that other cinema to the north of Beverley Road is are the best options at this moment in time.