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Hey guys,

Karn8 just got back from a mini tour of north yorkshire, including gigs at The White Room, The Adelphi and Cert 18 and we're still buzzin!!

All the gigs went better than I could have ever expected and we sold a loads of CDs and got a lot of new fans I think. Some of the venues were proper filthy punk rock places, so I took a few backstage pics:

If you haven't heard of us check us out and let us know what you think!

Up and coming Karn8 gigs
9th June - The Lido (cliff bar) - Margate
18th June - Unit 22 Club - Southampton
8th July - 666 Records event - Ipswich
22nd July - Eastern Haze Festival - Great Yarmouth
29th July - The Jailhouse - Coventry
1st August - G Lounge - London
10th August - The Spitz - London
11th August - The Twist - Colchester
19th August - The Face Bar - Reading
13th October - The White Room - Hull

Can't wait until the next time!

Kirst, Bones, Leigh & Kinghorn
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