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As vixmonsta posted in uk_goth_music, Kingston upon Hull is going to regain it's Goth / alt night!

The last Eating the Elephant was at the New Adelphi in December, 2004, but the next shall be at The White Room in February, 2006.
Being a new venue for the Elephant, it's getting the first Thursday of each month, but if it's well-supported it'll be able to go to weekends (so make sure you turn up)!

The first, on 2006-02-02 shall see the Screaming Banshee Aircrew return to 'ull. Address of The White Room is 175 Cleveland Street, Hull, HU8 8AZ, though I'm sure you all know it, right?

£3 in advance, or £3.50 on the door.

netgoth event entry

Also posted (kinda) to my own LJ.

ps as mentioned on her post, Vix's share of the profits will be going to charity, beginning with Marie Curie Cancer - more details over on her LJ.
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