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Grave Peril

Anyone know anything about this band? I saw a poster for a gig tomorrow (today now - 2005-July-21st) which described them as Horror Punk. There are links between that (sub) genre and deathrock / Goth, so I may go along, though the other bands playing are out-and-out punk.

Diverse Unit says the following:

Grave Peril are... Craig Robson AKA Victor Grave - Scott Dunham AKA Joey Against - Liam Conman - Dale Robson AKA Frankie Valentine - Pictures coming soon...

A listing for the gig can be found on Punk and Oi in the UK

Hull, Ringside
The Mingers + b.s.d + the Infested + grave Peril
ringside, beverley road £3 7.30 start (ish)

Oh, and found a non-existant website, which wasn't very informative.

[edit] In the event the horror punk band weren't there - the line-up that actually played was Bundy and MCD (both from KuH), BSD (from Sheffield) and the Infested (from Leeds).

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